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Animating a path


Hi I am trying to animate the path on a part being picked up by robot arm 100 mm vertically then 500MM horizonataly then being turned 180 degreer on 200 radius in order to drive the robot arm. this is to check the clearance of the robot  gripper going into testing stations.

I have followed the help files on using a vairiable driven motor to supress the the path mates on and off using

if(dist >X,0,1) etc when I animate it  the part only moves when the next mate in unsupressed by the dist variable.

I figure that I can drive part along  an path by an  offset a the planar mates for  vertical and horizontal movement,  with planar mate offest = dist - x and supressing the the mate at a paticular distance.but,  I can't figure the best approach to a drive the part around the path arc to turn the part 180 degrees. also as the part has draft angles every where can I do a planar mate to a plane the a create inside the part?