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Anisotropic Thermal Modeling

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I have been trying to run a thermal CFD simulation for a graphite material that conducts heat better in two planes than in the other. However I can’t seem to find any information on how to set up anisotropic materials in the simulation settings. (if it is even possible on solidedge)

If it is not featured is it likely that a stack of very thin high and low conductivity plates could be used to estimate a thermally isotropic material? Assuming i can get the ratio of conductivities correct.

Hope someone can help,



Re: Anisotropic Thermal Modeling

Dear Al,
ST5 SIMULATION is a Finite Element NX NASTRAN program, not CFD at all, but you can perform a steady-state Heat transfer analysis (not Computational Fluid Dynamics). But all materials are ISOTROPIC, do not support ORTHO or ANYSOTROPIC material properties, to run this simulation you need to use FEMAP & NX NASTRAN.
Best regards,