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Annotation part vs. assembly

I use annotation to call out information in a drawing specific to a part like name or number from a graphic connection.


Now what if I want the graphic connection to a sub assembly instead of it's components? what kind of formatting is that, if it's available.


Note: the R1 bit will not work, as it could be the 10th or 50th part inserted


Re: Annotation part vs. assembly

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It's a manual selection though, as list is populated by what exists on the draft sheet[s] already....but, I would use "Named Reference".....then the selections available.



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Re: Annotation part vs. assembly

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Provided the sub-assembly isn't expanded in the parts list, Graphic Connection should give the properties of the sub-assembly.

Graphic Connection to Part will still give individual part properties, regardless of whether the sub-assembly is expanded.


I raised the point in another thread that when 'Include Top-Level Assembly in Parts List' is checked, the parts list should give that an item number that can be ballooned etc.

At the moment we have to manually assign balloons for the top level.

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Re: Annotation part vs. assembly


as mentioned the two different methods of graphical connection will do exactly You are looking for.



%{Filename|G} e.g stands for Graphiocal connection (SubAssembly) while

%{Filename|GP} brings me the Graphical Connection to Part 




Re: Annotation part vs. assembly

That was what I could not remember. the |G vs the |GP switches.


Many days I can't get at the on line help because of poor on line access. This was the case when I posted the question.


thanks all.