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Answer to "How to make a screw nut ..."

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Hi Edgers,

sorry for this second post, but after typing one and nearly the same text a couple of time, all times with the same sad result, that after sending the psot it was there with no doubt but after refreshing the screen it was way - simliar experience an behaviour as two weeks ago.


So I try to create a new post rather than answering and hope that one will stay there:


Here ist the answer text:


Hi @Goran571



don't know where I'm right at the moment but let's try:


  • the bottom right shows the draft header with the automated document information from draft and/or part
    Open as example the DIN draft template and You will see how this is solved in Solid Edge
    By default we put "place holders" into the backround sheet with the title block and there are so called "property text fields" 
    As example %{title} for the title property of the draft document or %{title|R1} for the title property of the first inserted 3D document
    You will see that You will be assisted by the software very much so You have not to know all that syntax
  • if You would like to know how to create a drawing with several views from a 3D part then I think it is the best to work through the tutorials and the "complete training example" at the helper page
    They show You step by step how to do
  • Same will be true for the methods of creating a 3D part
    There are no unique solutions but many ways which all leads to a final result

Hope You will find Yourself pleased with Solid Edge and You will get Your best personal methods to solve Your tasks