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Antialias in Draft environment


We have recently upgraded all our graphic cards to nVidia K2200 and we are very happy with the results. I'm a fan of Antialias and have activated it in the nVidia settings, now all is smooth and nice.


Except the Draft environment. I'm aware that 2D environment uses a different technology than the OpenGL used for 3Ds but I wonder if exist a setting or a trick or whatever to get antialias there too.


In the PDF Viewer that I use there is a setting for Antialias and it really looks great and neat; I would love to have the same experience in Solid Edge.





Re: Antialias in Draft environment

Gears Honored Contributor Gears Honored Contributor
Gears Honored Contributor

Antialias would be a great thing to have in Draft for a rich user-experience and I can say this for having seen this in a program called Ashlar-Vellum long time back in 1998.


The program is still around and has evolved into 3D but 15 years back and compared to ACAD the drawings stood out for their smooth appearance. Even today, their gallery has sample drawings which appear distinct from other CAD packages.


The only problem back then was the limited hardware capability which was not modern enough to support anti-alising in Draft. But there should not be any problems in 2015.


This product by-the-way was also the first to introduce what we call Intellisketch or point-snapping like mid-point, end-points, etc. and its impact on the CAD world was same as PTC pioneered parametric and Siemens Solid Edge's invention of Synchronous Technology.


Re: Antialias in Draft environment

I have found the ER number, unfortunately it is still in NR (not reviewed) status.

ER 1840122 - ER: Possibility to set Antialias even in draft environment