Anyone familiar with GPuncher software

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I am the lone SE 3D drafter in a small sheet metal shop and heading up the research for a turret punch program. The GPuncher software is within our budget and will do what we are looking for, but I can't seem to find any feedback on how well it works. If anyone has more info than just a sales pitch, I would be very grateful. 


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Re: Anyone familiar with GPuncher software

I'm in the same boat as you in that Im the one guy making drawings for a sheet metal shop. We use a turrit punch that is run by software called top punch. but that is specific to the punch machine. If you want to avoid programming each part on the punch machine, you will want to look at nesting software. Sigma-nest and Metamation are getting the best feeback here, but both are in the $15K range. The payback is about a year if one person os programming the punch full time.

Re: Anyone familiar with GPuncher software

We are now leaning towards Merry Mechanization. Their original quote was $5,000 for the program and license plus training. But when I told them we found a program in the 3's that will do what we are looking for, he renegotiated. I will have to import .dxf files for now but hopefully one day we will be able to upgrade to 3D compatable. We are not yet using our punch on a reqular basis.


Thanks for your thoughts

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Watch out for low end punch software. It could cost you more than the better stuff because of the time you spend tracking down problems and the manual programming involved durring impart and export.


The extra DXF file in translation becomes a new set of problems to manage.


Test the software in real world situation before letting the provider off the hook.

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If you didn't noticed there is a demo of Gpuncher,

we can suply you with a trial version just click contact us,

here are some costumer replys


*** Andrew Wolf - Phoenix Metal Products, Inc.. Freeport, NY, USA

     I have been using GPuncher for a few weeks now and it has already paid for itself many times over.  I was previously using an old software package from Amada, and programming the turret was a very time consuming, frustrating process filled with many errors. Now that I have switched to GPuncher, I can design parts much faster, my turret actually turns out parts faster, and they come out right - without headaches...

   If you are struggling with outdated software, or have bought a used turret that didn't come with any software, you should buy GPuncher. You will be glad you did."


*** Alex Tzabanakis - DMS Inc. - Canada

    I would like to take the time to thank the team at KZX for their outstanding commitment to their customers and products. The GPuncher software we recently purchased surpassed our expectations and proved to be an exceptional value. Many features already included in this software are sold as options with other software providers. This is a great opportunity for anyone just starting out in business or for those that wish to increase their efficiency in the programming department without paying an arm and a leg to upgrade their technology. Two thumbs up for KZX!!!"


*** Akis Aristodemou - Cater Metal Ltd - Cyprus

    "I am a good fan of your software.We have worked with GPuncher to run our Aries 245 for more than 6 months, very easy to learn with all the features you would find in other expensive software. We never expected to have all these features plus a 5* support at this price.",

thanks we are to your service.