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Hi. I am looking to purchase a new workstation. My current unit being a Dell T7500 with a Xeon E5620 2.4GHz processor and 12GB RAM. The Graphics card is a Quadro FX 4000 and it is set up with a 1TB 7200 rpm HDD which is partitioned with 100 GB for operating system and remainder for data. This system is now 5 years old and has been a dissapointment as it is slow, generally to do with any saving or opening tasks.

I so create assemblies that may be considered sgnifigant 2000 to 4000 parts and some of the parts are rather large - Helicopter fuselage in carbon fiber moulding etc.I do not do a lot of FEA and not much rendering either.

My question is - What processor should I be specifing in order to get good performance? It seems to me from what I have been reading that SE will only use one core - most of the time. Therfore the faster the clock speed of that processor the better. My local SE support people have suggested that for a low end machine an i7 4790 3.6GHz quad core would be ok. For a mid range machine a Xeon E5-1607 3.1GHz quad core would be OK. For a top end machine they have suggested Xeon E5-2609 1.9GHz  6 core. This all seems back the front if it is true that the faster the processor the better.

Can anyone shed some light and clarity on this matter please. I dont want to get another slow machine.


Thanks for your help.


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I have compared different machines with the Solid Edge performance tool, and I can assure you that the only thing that matter for Solid Edge is the CPU speed.


i7 processor have the same perfomance of a Xeon processor with the same speed.

A Xeon 1.9Ghz would be 50% slower than a i7 3.8Ghz in most of the Solid Edge tasks.


Here some comparison, do not look at the Graphics column due to the different GPU.



What will you need to have superfly open\save performance is to switch to an SSD Drive.

Best configuration is to keep system\application on a different drive than Solid Edge data.


SSD price is constantly dropping so I would use one of those for the system and one for the data.


My ideal today configuration would look like this:


CPU: i7 3.6Ghz (go to the top end increase the cost a lot compared to the speed gain)

RAM: 16Gb

GPU: nVidia Quadro K2200

Storage: 1 x 128GB SSD for system\apps 1 x 512GB for data



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Dell and HP are like buying hardware from just never know what type of components you are actually receiving after you make an order.


I highly recommend that you look at Boxx Technology for a killer CAx hardware!


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RyanM wrote:

I highly recommend that you look at Boxx Technology for a killer CAx hardware!


Boxx would've been my recommendation also, for a high horsepower machine.

This similar thread will probably be of help to you....

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+1 For Boxx. I have one, and have never had a better PC.

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I've been looking at the Boxx Apex 2 (2402 version) with i7-6700k processor, I won't be doing much rendering and the i7 processors can be overclocked, which is another benefit to a xeon when running single core applications like SE, seems a good starting point for a new machine, probably with at least 16G of ram and an SSD or two, it would be good to hear if anyone has any experiance of these machines?

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Here is the one I'm using. The machine is just perfect. I would definitely not call it overkill. My speed in SE (after 4K hours) is just now getting to the point I wish I had a faster machine sometimes. But they don't make them much faster. The only things I could have done to make it faster is go to a Raid-0 controller card with a bunch of memory, and four SSD's in raid-0 and a faster CPU. The Vid card is almost never the bottleneck on this machine.


This is asuming a stand alone system. Once you use network, New can's of worms open up.

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I agree Boxx is the best! I"m running an Apexx 2 i5 with 16GB of RAM and the user doesn't wait on a single thing these days.

I've also got an Apexx 4 i7-4970K overclocked with 32GB of RAM and SSD drives. That machine screams and is a workhorse for a couple users as a product configuration tool, a rendering beast and an FEA workstation.

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Any intel processor with a K on the end should be able to be overclocked. Boxx has a general quick ship workstation and then the ones they overclock with cooling, bios tweaking and a warranty.