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Arcs and curves

I am currently using Solid Edge for simple design which I convert to DXF files and use with my Cut2d program to produce gcode for my cnc machine. The question I have is how are the curves produced in Solid Edge. Are they produced as arcs or as straight line connections. The files produced using Solid Edge produce a vibration when milling curves seeming to indicate that the curves are straight line sections. Cut2d produces arcs and the curves mill smoothly and faster. It may be that the arcs are converted to straight line sections when converting the file to DXF. I use the tangent arc tool for the curves on my drawings.

Re: Arcs and curves

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor
Solid Edge exports the arcs as arcs. Opened a DXF saved out of SE into AutoCAD and it listed them as arcs. My guess is Cut2d is converting the arcs to linear elements on import. You can probably test this by exporting a native Cut2d drawing out to DXF and then import it back in and then seeing if it broke it to linear elements.


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