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Articles by Matt Lombard and David Merritt

Gears Honored Contributor Gears Honored Contributor
Gears Honored Contributor

Hello Edgers:


I thought it would be nice to have all blog articles by Matt Lombard and David Merritt together in one convenient place. (I have posted a query in the Community Suggestions forum about this).


This is a compilation of just the technical ones after excluding all those related to announcements about greenpower, SEU, webinars, user groups, interviews or any hardware reviews. What a treasurehouse of Solid Edge knowledge!


Articles by Matt Lombard:

  1. What's New in Solid Edge ST10: Locally Installed Help
  2. What’s New in ST10: Data Management
  3. What’s New in ST10: 3D Sketch and PathXpres
  4. What's New in ST10: Clone Components
  5. What’s New in ST10: Multilingual Setup
  6. What’s New in ST10: Wrapped Cut
  7. What’s New in ST10: Single Body Assembly
  8. What’s New in ST10: Additive Manufacturing
  9. What’s New in ST10: Generative Design
  10. What's New in ST10: Draw
  11. What’s New in ST10: Draw, Part 2
  12. What's New in ST10: Reverse Engineering
  13. What's New in ST10: Overview
  14. Plan it or Wing it?
  15. Is CAD Moving Toward Specialization or Generalization?
  16. Boolean Subtract in Assemblies
  17. Settings and Preferences Wizard
  18. Solid Edge Part Modeling
  19. Design Manager and Pack and Go
  20. Solid Edge Built-in Data Management
  21. Solid Edge Interface Enhancements
  22. Solid Edge and the Cloud
  23. Simplifying Parts and Assemblies
  24. A CAD Admin Perspective on ST Training
  25. Large Assembly Techniques for Performance
  26. Large Assemblies Part 2: Other Considerations
  27. Assembly PathFinder: Settings and Symbols
  28. Assembly PathFinder: Tools and Techniques
  29. PathFinder: Info and Control Center for your Parts
  30. Where is the "never add any relation without my permission" button?
  31. Understand the Solution Manager
  32. Solid Edge and Windows 10
  33. Step Draft
  34. Settings: File Locations
  35. YouTube and Community are Right in the Software
  36. Synchronous and Associativity
  37. Bluesurf
  38. Example of Mixing Synchronous and Ordered
  39. Weldments
  40. Sketching Enhancements
  41. Assembly Productivity Enhancements
  42. Compare Drawings
  43. Annotation and Dimension Handles and Alignment
  44. Helical Curve
  45. Design Intent and Live Rules
  46. "Like Me" Synchronous Pattern Recognition
  47. Using the Solid Edge Relationship Browser
  48. Pattern By Table
  49. The Solid Edge App Marketplace
  50. Detail Makes Your Keyshot Rendering More Believable
  51. Understanding Keyshot Backgrounds
  52. Synchronous AND Parametric
  53. Color in Drawings
  54. The Use of Colors in Solid Modeling
  55. Solid Edge Screen Capture
  56. Keyboard shortcuts in the Solid Edge Interface
  57. Solid Edge Mobile Viewer for Windows
  58. Bluesurf and the NURBS Mesh
  59. Special Traits of the Bluesurf
  60. Interpolation is the Name of the Game
  61. It’s all about Curvature, and Curvature is all about Splines/Curves
  62. Translating from Designer to Engineer
  63. Offset Face Relate Enhancements
  64. Engineers and Creativity
  65. Simulation, Analysis and Decisions
  66. We Owe It All to Cave Art
  67. What Goodies Are In the Community?
  68. What Annoys History-based Users?
  69. The Secret Language of Surface Design
  70. CAD Standard for 3D Data
  71. Synchronous Technology and Interoperability
  72. The Reach of Your CAD Tools
  73. Duplicate Components
  74. Pushing Synchronous as a CAD Admin
  75. Material Table
  76. Two Sheet Metal Wonders
  77. Hole Options Dialog
  78. 3D Measure
  79. Assembly Patterns
  80. Fixed Length Curve
  81. Tips for Creating Better Renderings
  82. How many tools does a CAD program need?
  83. How Do You Deal with Non-CAD Reference Data?
  84. Design for 3D Printing
  85. Debate: Direct Modeling and History-Based Modeling
  86. Does it Really Matter "How" You Do It?
  87. Why Don't You Use Synchronous?
  88. Imported Parts and Drawings
  89. Variables
  90. Sheet Metal Features: Dimple, Drawn Cutout and Bead
  91. Sheet Metal Features: Louvers and Gussets
  92. Sheet Metal Tour: Hems
  93. Sheetmetal: More Corner Detail
  94. Sheet Metal Reliefs and Corners
  95. Sheet metal intro
  96. Inspect Tools: Smart Measure
  97. View Orientation Tools
  98. Two Nice Bits of Drawing Automation
  99. Opposite-Handed Parts and Drawings
  100. Making a Block Suitable for Schematics
  101. Schematic Diagrams in Solid Edge
  102. Where 2D is Not an Afterthought
  103. Solution Manager: Up Close and Personal
  104. Live Rules and the Solution Manager
  105. Synchronous Technology and Live Rules
  106. Solid Edge Adjustable Assemblies
  107. Solid Edge Adjustable Parts
  108. Synchronous Boolean
  109. Creating Animations in Solid Edge
  110. In-Context Editing, Synchronous Style
  111. Making Edits to Migrated Parts
  112. Mating Parts in the Engine
  113. Data Migration Tools
  114. Colors in Solid Edge
  115. Virtual Components Part 2
  116. Virtual Components Part 1
  117. How do You Use the New Interface Customizations?
  118. Working with Units and Standards in Solid Edge
  119. Synchronous Delete
  120. Multi-Body Modeling Part 3: How to Make Multiple Bodies
  121. Multi-Bodies, Part 2: Managing and Manipulating
  122. Multi-Body Modeling Part 1
  123. Solid Edge Section Views
  124. Sheetmetal Emboss
  125. What is the Best Way to Use Synchronous Technology
  126. Four New or Improved Surface Features
  127. Splines and Keypoint Curves
  128. Holes, Threads, and Pattern Recognition
  129. Synchronous Patterns
  130. Helical Features
  131. Get the Most from Synchronous by using a little History



Knowledge articles by David Meritt [ @uk_dave ]:


  1. Right-click -> New Solid Edge Files in Windows Explorer
  2. Searching for Text Content in Networked Unmanaged Solid Edge
  3. Searching for Solid Edge Files Based on Text Content in Unmanaged Draft Files
  4. Translating Solid Edge Files from the Command Line
  5. Configuring Teamcenter BOM to Display Structure Based on Solid Edge
  6. Reviewing what calls your Partner has submitted to GTAC under your company
  7. Let's talk Windows 10 and Feature Updates


Kindly report any  broken links. I am still in the process of testing each one.

Thanks again.


~Tushar Suradkar

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Re: Articles by Matt Lombard and David Merritt

I'm going to bookmark this for sure!

Re: Articles by Matt Lombard and David Merritt

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

@Tushar thanks for the mention.  However, I think my mere meagre morsels pale in comparison to Matt's prolific prowess with posting articles,  My pittance is not worthy for inclusion with Matt's efforts.

Re: Articles by Matt Lombard and David Merritt

Gears Honored Contributor Gears Honored Contributor
Gears Honored Contributor

To tell the truth, I realised we are the only 3 members contributing to the blogs section and I have already shared my list of blogs.


Whereas my and Matt's articles are common knowledge, I noticed the topics you have covered contain valuable information like file and data management, translation, configuration, information related to GTAC processes, but was dispersed over several pages of the blog section. So thought of listing them in a common place for easy accessibility for everyone.


They all are nice and very useful articles. Keep them coming...