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Hello Every one,

1. I Was wondering whether we can do wire list with auto balloon in draft file and nailboards?, just the same thing as assembly drawing and we can generate part list on draft file with auto balloon. Please advise.

2. Can anyone help me on how to hide/unshow the axis of wires?


Thanks & Rgrds

Triana AD


Re: [Ask] [SE Wire Harness] Harness balloon list

Yes you can providing you create your schematic in draft using blocks connected by Connectors. Then use the Block Tables to create a ballooned parts list in Draft.

  • Block tables: Solid Edge provides automatic generation of schematic block tables (or parts lists) in drawings. Select all of the blocks on a drawing sheet within a drawing view, or by manual selection, including fence select. Information such as block names, properties and labels can be displayed, and balloons can be created automatically, speeding up documentation of schematics.

As you seem to be a Siemens Partner you should have access to the Quick Look demos. In the ST 6 Draft Quicklook demo package there is a section on Block Tables - failing that search in help for Block Tables. There you will find a great deal of information.


For your second question in Path Finder simply Hide the collection called Paths. These are the wire axes as you call them.





Re: [Ask] [SE Wire Harness] Harness balloon list

Hi Mark,

Thank you very much for your kind feedback and details.

Yes, i have the access to the quicklook files from siemens.

sometimes some of our client requesting us to provide for them such a template to be use.

one of them was asking me about how to show/generate balloon of wire ID on the drawing view (nailboards/schematic). All i can do so far is only show the balloon for the part list. unfirtunately, the balloon on nailboards or drawing view is never show up. therefore i tried to find any solution here. to make sure whether i missed some steps to do it.



Thanks & Rgrds

Triana AD