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Re: Assemblies across the WAN


I will hook into the remark about the fact that you might be going into the direction of a PDM or even a multi-site PDM.


Whatever you choose, a PDM system running from a single DB/Server will always cause delay opening files, whether they are DFT, PAR, PSM of small to massive ASM’s. Even using a local caching system in whatever form, the chatting up and down to the server will cause the delay. This chat is caused by PDM related issues and cannot be eliminated.
Imagine yourself opening a 10 file ASM on a 300ms latency line. To open each file, the system may need to talk up and down twice. This will already cause 20 round trips @ 300ms, totaling to 60 second. If the system has to chat 4 times up and down, it will already become 2 minutes…. And this for just an ASM with 10 parts….

So it is not the bandwidth which is causing your problems, it is meanly the latency and the chatting of the different protocols.


Going to a multi-site PDM may reduce part of this issues (and others), but will introduce other issues as well again…. What to store where (there can only be 1 master), what and when to sync to content etc….


Whatever route you go, whatever system you choose, take your time and do in-depth testing. Once the dices are rolling, it becomes hard to go back without a lot of work (working hours) lost.


Just my humble advice….
P.S. do not give up.




Marc Boom

Re: Assemblies across the WAN


Thanks so much. Your explanation was articulated well. I value this and everyone else’s input.