Assemblies constructions

I 'm already 3 years a solid edge user (now ST7) and can' t find good tutorials or videos to show me examples of constructions.

Most videos show only parts or simple assemblies.

A example of our jobs in attachement.





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What exactly are you looking for information on? From the picture, it looks like you might be doing welded sheet metal fabrications?...


If you can be a bit more specific, there are plenty of people here who can help you.

-Dylan Gondyke

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Yes, we make welded sheet metal constructions.

Also machinery like belt conveyors with a lot of sheet metal.

I search the good way for "create in place", adapt one part to another, ....


Maybe I work to much in "ordered" !!



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Do you make "resizable" parts?


If not, try the following exercise.


1. Start blank assembly, offset all 3 planes in the + direction (opposite of the arrow for y)

2. Start an assembly piece of sheet metal, start editing in place (have to save first)

3. create a sketch on the XY plane, include the 4 planes normal to the sketch, then connect them together into a box. use that box to create a tab.

4. add "inside" flanges (new flange in same plane as the selected edge) and edit the flange to remove the extents dimension, and add a parallel relation to the plane parallel to the plane you started the part on.


now go move planes around. You have just created a re-sizable sheet metal part Smiley Happy


This is how I start every sheet metal model I create. I will now go make that part and attach.


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Half of our projects are custom made one shot, other half is custom made but with variable lengths, like conveyor belts (longer, shorter, wider, narrower, ....).

I understand very well your resizeable part, now you can change directely in assembly environment.

Don' t you never work with "synchronous technology" ?



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For sheet metal, typically no. There are many design approaches available in ordered that are not as easy in sync. Best example is I want the sheet size to be a nominal value, and the bend locations to move with another sheet at the same time. I have yet to find easy ways to do that in sync.

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That's cool. Do you always do it in an assembly and not in the part?

Bruce Shand
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I have only been using solid edge for 18 months. So far I have done everything assembly plane driven. When I do the includes, I turn the parts planes off to make sure everything is connected to the assembly planes.


however, I have been working with Bob M. in an attempt to revise and update how I do assembly driven parts. The way I'm doing things makes it easy to dive an entire assembly from a few planes, however part can't be moved from one assembly to another. Everything must be created within that assembly. I'm working to change that, but new methods take time to develop.


One of the main advantages of all assembly driven parts is using include from other assembly driven parts. Say I made a cap that inserted inside the box. I would include the interior sheet metal sides of the tank and use those includes for the bend lines of the lid. This allowed the tank to change gage and re-size the lid as a result.