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Assembly Datei beschädigt (Assembly File damaged)


Hallo, ich benutze ST8 und die letzten Tage an meiner Draft Datei gesessen und meine Zeichnungen erstellt, und einige male die dazugehörige Assembly geöffnent und Eigenschaften geändert und immer gespeichert und Ordnungsgemäß geschlossen. Nun ist die Assembly Datei beschädigt und funktioniert nicht mehr, was kann ich tun?



i'm using ST8. I was working the last days on a draft of an assembly. While I worked on my draft I had to open the assembly file several times to change some specifications like the title of some components and I always saved the assembly file. I just wanted to check my draft today for a last time, but it says that it can't find the assembly file and if I try to open the assembly which I didn't use since last time it says "the file ist damaged".

What am i supposed to do?


Re: Assembly Datei beschädigt (Assembly File damaged)

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

MK0307 wrote: the title of some components and I always saved the assembly file.

Hi there @MK0307,


That may be the issue right there, if you are renaming documents as you are working on them.

Assembly does't actually house the files, but merely links/references them, for display.....renaming the files, breaks the underwritten links.

There are better workflows for doing what you want to do, one such method, is,....right clicking on a part [either graphically, or from the pathfinder] "Replace Part with Copy"....then give the "Copy" a new name when prompted.




As to your damaged is hard to say with certainty, what is the single factor, that would correct, or restore it. [possibly, it is a file extension error..?]

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