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I am creating a round Assembly Feature cut cut on a sheetmetal panel approx. .002" deep. I need to be able to change the color of only that feature but can't find a way to do this. Is ther a way that I can accomplish this? This is a painted panel and the assembly cut is to be a no paint area.

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I think a assembly feature only can take the part colour itself.

The only method I can imagine at the moment is to create the feature in the part and then you can use the part painter to accomplish the different colours



Re: Assembly Feature Color Control

The reason that I didn't want to create it at the part level is that our vendor uses our .psm files to create
our parts and I didn't want it to show up as a feature that the laser would try to cut. By adding it to the
assembly level it avoids that problem.

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Re: Assembly Feature Color Control

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Hi there @TShref,


Does your laser read the PSM directly, or is it based off the "flatten" model.....or a "Save as Flat"?

Reason I ask is, if you were to make the cut at part level [enabling face & feature isolated Part Painter use], you could use "Delete Faces" command to remove it enitrely from the flattened version of the model.

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