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Assembly error checking

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I am using ST 5
I was wondering is there a command in the assembly environment, that checks and shows me the errors and unsatisfied relationships that have ocurred in the assembly when I change some measurments or relations.
Why am I asking this is because I am working with large assemblies and part in place features and when I change some measurments, then sometimes solid edge prompts up a message saying that some relationships are not satisfied and there is a red arrow through the part icon, but sometimes not.

Looking forward to your replies


Re: Assembly error checking

Not applicable
type in "error" on the command finder to help you find Error report.

Tools menu - Assistants group - Errors

Re: Assembly error checking

Why is that error icon with the assy relations on the main menu?
I would have never found that by myself.

I have to test that out when I break assebmly relations again.