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Assembly feature not showing at higher assembly levels


I have a sub-assembly of 2 parts with an assembly cut-out that cuts both parts
At the next level up everything is OK but at all levels above that one of the parts does not show the cutout.


I've tried update all links etc but can't get it to show.

This is annoying because it was fine a few days ago.



**** Fixed - the feature appeared to have lost part of its definition and was only cutting one direction not both. Strange because I hadn't done any edits on it.

HP Z420 16GB RAM
Quadro K4000
ST10 MP6 on Windows 10 Pro 64.

In some cases recomputing or tweaking the original part f...

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

In some cases recomputing or tweaking the original part file and then UpdateAllLinks will trigger the assemblies to update. If that doesn't help, can you call in an IR with the model you are having trouble with?

Aditya Gurushankar
Manager, Solid Edge Planning