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Assembly in draft

I have my assembly in a draft file completed with BOM and dimentions I then return to the solid model do so work on an item save the assembly with only 1 item showing.When i update the draft assembly only the item that was showing in the solid model gets shown in the draft.How do i get that no matter what is showing in the solid model the whole assembly gets shown in the draft.


Re: Assembly in draft

So do you want the one item showing or all the items? Is your view linked to a configuration or a model view?


If configuration or model view, then right click view-properties-display-on the bottom right click check for update for configuration view.


Do you have all your parts set to show? view properties-display-"show" check mark at top


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‎10-26-2015 08:15 AM

Re: Assembly in draft

It sounds like you have your drawing view created from an Assembly View Config, and each time you are changing the model the config is updated.

Try going into the drawing view properties in your draft file and setting the configuration to "No Selection". You might have to select the  top level assembly in the list of parts and set all parts to 'Show'

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Re: Assembly in draft

Thanks Beachcomber.

This has work.