Assembly relationships

We are still on ST3 and everyone is on the same patch level.


I design a lot of copper in our assemblies.  I may use the same piece of copper in multiple assemblies, so I copy it and assemble it into the assembly and constrain it.  The problem I am encountering is this:  I assemble my copper parts, making sure the constraints are good.  I check my assembly into Teamcenter for the drafting group to create the drafts.  Someone will copy the assembly out to do the draft and notice that 1 or more pieces of copper are now floating outside the assembly  I have been encountering this in multiple assemblies over the last few months.


I cannot duplicate it on my computer to fix it, so I have to go to their computer, check it out and fix the assembly before they can continue.  It doesn't happen on every assembly I do, it's very sporatic.


Has anyone else expreienced this same issue?  If so, have they come up with a fix/resolution?


Re: Assembly relationships

The best thing is make sure all sketches are black (color by constraints) and then do the same thing for the assembly. Make sure everything is fully constrained. 


What I do is save everything, then try to break it by moving things and editing sketches. If I'm not able to break it then it is correctly constrained.


Most likly there is a constraint that is not fully defined.

Re: Assembly relationships

Everything is constrained properly. As I mentioned prior, it doesn't happen all the time. But when it does, I have to go to the other users computer, check the assembly out, fix it and then check it back in. Unfortunately, by "fixing it" on their computer, when I copy it back out to my computer, it is messed up on mine. It's a never ending circle of frustration.

Re: Assembly relationships

I think this problem is due to the Teamcenter. Do u see green triangles on the top of the assembly tree as well?, if so the copper part created will have the draft at one revision and the model at another. They should be in the same revision, else duplicate parts will be created in the assembly which its called upon.

Re: Assembly relationships

The most likly issues is settings on one computer is not the same as the other. Go check out the bending tables and thread tables etc to see if you are both using teh same ones. Basically everything in the Preferences directory can be check to see if you are using teh same files.