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Assign new views to cube

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Solution Partner Experimenter


I want to change the default views of cube to user defined views.


currently i am saving those views and using it as named views.


can it be possible to assign new views to cube, Also can we change our default base?





Betreff: Assign new views to cube

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Hi @iashishsarode


no I don't think so.


The cube shows possible main view directions in space and moreorless no named views.


Your request for a definable standard view (base view) sound good.


I personally prefer a dimetric view over the iso and agree with Your wish for optional possibilities



What - reagrding the view cube - also was a not so good developement is the missing of size cahnge capabilities.

Yes You can change it via the options menu but this now changes everything -

cube but also steering wheel and orient express.


While a bigger cube might be useful with higher resoultion screens the huge steering wheel then is not.


Until ST8 man could change the cube size by itself without changing steering wheel etc.


This IMHO was a better approach.