Assigning Variables upon creation of dimension

Hi, Im new to this forum and SE itslef. Im used to Inventor and SW and am struggling trying to use my style of designing with SE (ST9).


I am trying to assign variables when I create an initial dimension rather than go in to the "formula" prior to creation... In Inventor, this is pretty straight forward... you create a dimension or feature and in the distance box you just type the user variable or formula you want to drive that dimension (ae: THK, THK*2, LEG1, etc) and it does it in one step. Is this possible in SE? I have tried multiple ways with no success. 


Re: Assigning Variables upon creation of dimension

You cannot use variable names in the value box.  It's only inputs are a numeric value (123.456), mathmatical operators (+,-,/,*), and a unit designator (mm, in).


If you double click on a dimensions value, it should open the formula dialog for you where you can enter the formula.   You can also keep Variable Table open while placing/modifying dims and edit the formula there.


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Re: Assigning Variables upon creation of dimension

I agree that it is much simpler in inventor. Additionally, you can predict what the variable number will be. It starts with d0, then goes to d1 etc. So when youre placing a dimension you simply need to type d1 or whatever and it matches.


One thing that you can do is double click the dimension and then when that dialogue pops up you can simply select the dimension you want to clone and enter. But I know that isn't what you're looking to hear. I too wish it worked like inventor in this arena.

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Re: Assigning Variables upon creation of dimension

I use variable names all the time in formula's. Attached is a screen shot.


The catch is, the variable must already have that name when used in a formula.


The easy way to get organized is have the variables open and highlight the dimension or plane or whatever in the model. The variable is also highlighted at the same time so that you can find it and re-name it.





Re: Assigning Variables upon creation of dimension

Yes, I know you can double click and get to the formula box, but that's after-the-fact. SE is garbage. It's the simple things.

Re: Assigning Variables upon creation of dimension

I know you can use variables informulas... I wasn't asking that or say g you couldn't. My question was why you can't just do that when you create the dimension rather than having to create all the dimensions then go back and add variables to them. It's a ridiculous waste of time.

Heck, in inventor, you can draw a line, add dimensions, create variables and formulas for that variable all at once. SE is garbage...