Auto Flat

Hello all. i want to introduce you our new app for sheet metal design & manufacturing


we want your help give us your feedback about a great app that can do automation tasks for you.
please fill free to download (also for free).
for any assistance, contact us at

this is a beta version, and we will add many more great features that makes design and manufacturing more automatic and easy
you can view an introduction and tutorial videos on



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Free for 30 days....



Re: Auto Flat


Auto Flat is free for 30 days, so You can try and see what is Auto Flat and decide if You need it.

The final price is cheap. Less than $25 per month.

If Auto Flat save You more than $25 per month (in work time, few hours of flatting, saving DXFs, converting multibody parts to sub-assemblies and some other tasks), then it can be nice offer.

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 Does it only work with Solid Edge or other CAD systems as well?

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