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AutoCAD 3D model import and conversion


I have a number of AutoCAD 2007 3D models I want to import and modify in SE (I bought them as a package also with 2D drawings)


I can import them okay but want to know how I can then modify.  Attached is a shot of a frame I have that I want to be able to manipulate and change.  At the moment it is just 'dumb solids' I think.


Ideally I'd like to be able to convert it to a wire frame and set up relationships / connections and then frame it with SE frame.  I have 7 models so if there was an automated solution it would help a lot.


This buggy has 800+ parts to it.  Most won't need changing and smaller stuff I can redraw or edit, its the frame i'm struggling with.


Any ideas?  At the moment I am trying to redraw from 2D drawings but there seems to be some dimensioning issues.


I'm a CAD novice/intermediate.

Thanks in advance.
Using ST9

Re: AutoCAD 3D model import and conversion




There are many ways to come to a result...


But first of all


Are you working in ST or Trad. environment.

If you want to use the full potential of direct modeling in SE I would advice using ST.

But if you are not used to work with ST you also can do quite a bit in the traditional env. 

Just use modify tools ( I call them push/pull tools Man Wink)

Or you can use the feature recognition tools in ST.

Sadly Siemens pulled the FR tools out of the traditional environment.




Why do you want to pull the whole frame in the framing tool of SE ? (It's possible...)

You already have an asm ? And weldments can be...still applied

There is not one MCAD system in the world that's able to reverse engineer a frame asm from one MCAD frame module to another frame module if that's what you search for...




Assembly constraints can be applied automated with Assembly relationship assistent if you want to.

You can even apply your own preferred contstraints if you want to.

And about your dimensions issue. Did you imported the file correctly ? Think about inch to metric and vice versa problems. If so you need to setup the import procedure correctly.




In all the best way to learn this all is to watch and search for YT video's about framing or have look in the help of SE. But I'm afraid that some rework is needed

Dirk Rutten

Solid Edge ST6 user !!!!

Re: AutoCAD 3D model import and conversion


Hi Dirk

Thanks very much for the information.  I work in synchronous (in ST9) as I have no previous CAD experience and it was the main reason I chose SE.  I'm not really familiar with the ordered environment.


I want to be able to change the shape and size of parts of the frame which is why I'm looking at re-drawing it (e.g. lower the roll cage or 2 seat version).  The other parts of the assembly (suspension, brackets, steering etc) I can manage with assembly tools but I wanted to have more control over the frame.

Do you think the assm assistant would be able to constrain the model enough so I could reduce the roll cage height for instance but keep symetry and tube joints?  I'm having aplay with it now.


I've worked with the framing tools a fair bit and find them quite good to use and easy to make material size, joint changes etc.


The dimensioning issues are inherent in the DWG files (differences between the printed dimesions and the ones I measure off the file - i'm not sure which to trust), I might try and measure off the 3D model instead.  Is it possible to trace centrelines in 3D sketch?


Thanks again
Using ST9

Re: AutoCAD 3D model import and conversion


I've played a little more and found you can trace centre lines with 3D sketch.  I set the model to wireframe view and it snaps to centre points of the cyliners.  Some are a little hard to find but its working okay.


I tried assembly assistant but no joy.  All the parts are grounded and I couldn't work out how to change that without undoing the whole assembly.



Using ST9