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AutoCAD (DWG) Export failure in ST8


I have been exporting DWG and DXF files from Solid Edge draft files for years. ST 7 intorduced a few bugs but then an MP fixed them again. ST8 original and MP1 have major failures with exporting to AutoCAD formats. re-using old or even creating new drawings. I have had edge support staff in OZ look at the problem but we still do not have a solution. Has anyone found a work around for DWG export problems? Problems include drawing contents scattered all over the place. Some drawing views do not display all content. Text and dimensions are a mess. The list is huge.Any help appreciated. Regards Blakey.


Re: AutoCAD (DWG) Export failure in ST8

I have tried it multible times in ST8, save as DWG and open from DWG, and had no problems.

Perhaps the attached seacad.ini can help you?

Daniël Schuiling