AutoCAD Lisp routine to Solid Edge

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i am working for a company that currently uses AutoCAD Lisp routines to simulate the location of a bottle from a linear feed system into a rotary feed system. The Lisp routine is used to simulate variation in the angle of the feed (There is an offset on the tooling, allowing bottles to move by a small degree). i have attached an image which may explain this better.



i am looking for a way to create this simulation (prefferably in a sketch) with solid edge (ST7)


any help appreciate




Re: AutoCAD Lisp routine to Solid Edge

Not sure if this is what you want exactly, but in ST8 now with the new variable table motor, it makes it pretty easy to animate a sketch. Here's a quick video showing what you could do with a sketch like yours. 


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Re: AutoCAD Lisp routine to Solid Edge

I like that sketch animation motor!
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