Automate Part Optimize on Import???

Is there a way to automate the Optimize command to run on each part imported during the import process?  Or maybe a batch process after importing?  (ST7)


Or maybe there is another setting I'm missing?


I've gone into the ini setting for importing STP and changed the "Import Multiple Bodies As Single Part file=Off".


I spend way to much time going through part by part, in an assembly imported optimizing each one.


Any help greatly appricated.  Thanks!


Re: Automate Part Optimize on Import???

AFAIK, there is no way to automate this, or even select muliple assembly components to Optimize.  I am not sure that on import is when I would want to use this, but some improvements could make using Optimize a lot better.


I wonder if this process could be changed to use multi-thread?  Some of the files I have worked on took a long time to Optimize.  Maybe it would be better to have a tool that would look at an assembly, and estimate the time it would take to optimize the components (or selected components) before tying up a PC for days of processing.




Re: Automate Part Optimize on Import???

This is an on going problem for me on importing STP files (which I do every day), but not the amount of time it takes to process.  Its the time it takes to open each part, optimize, save, close, repeat.  Every part in the imported assembly needs optimized every time.  The results window reports NO changes every time (all ememnts = same number after optimization).  I would leave them unoptimized, but I run into other problems elsewhere related to this, and its just poor house keeping.


If I can't automaticlly optimize on import, than I was hoping I could import, save, and than batch process the part files somehow.

Re: Automate Part Optimize on Import???

Some of our imported files are like you describe. Lots of simple components, in a large assembly. Optimize may not need to fix much, but you still want it to fix what can be fixed. Opening all those components to Optimize one or two features is tedious.

I also run across some component parts that are composed of hundreds or thousands of part copies. I recently had one file take several days to Optimize.

A batch process that can run in the background (w/o completely tying up a SE license) would be great. It would be helpful to know if Optimize will take more than a few minutes, or might run out of memory.