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Automatic centerlines request


Hi All,


Having a difficulty with adding the automatic centerlines to the drawing views, basically my problem regards to the views where I have used a Break Lines before adding the Automatic Centerlines.


I have noticed there is only one method to add centerlines - have to be added BEFORE adding the Brake Lines.


Is there any other method to add them to already shortened view ( added Break Lines ) ?


Attached quick pic.


Thank you,




Production: SE ST10 MP8

Re: Automatic centerlines request

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

can confirm your issue.  


I believe there must be exsting ERs..


Please call your VAR or Gtac and ask to be addes to such... or create one should there not be one...


I agree..  this is a pain!

Matt Johnson
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Re: Automatic centerlines request


Select the view in question, then uncheck the button shown below, then add the automatic centerlines, then reselect the view, select the button shown below again, and done. I think that's what you were wanting to do.


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Re: Automatic centerlines request

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

I would also like to see enhancements to automatic center lines, but for a different reason. Auto only has one setting, everything. I frequently only want center line for 10% of the visible circles but do want the lines that connect between center. Sometimes I draw in view, sometimes I use auto and delete what is unwanted. 


This is another case where you should be able to specify the desired results easier.