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Automatic drawing view update macro


Hi everyone


You all know the grey boxes that appears around drawing views, when a part or assembly needs to be updated.

It can be very time consuming, if there are a lot of sub assemblies that needs to be updated.


Does anyone know, if there is a free tool to update drawings with???


There is Edge Publisher from Avalon in Denmark, but it is expensive and I only need the update feature.


Best regards








Re: Automatic drawing view update macro


Hi Claus,


Here's my long abandoned Solid Edge Geocities site (now backed-up at


Click the Free Downloads section (the parachute icon).

Scroll down to the EasyBatch Updater section and see if you can still download the program.


Launch the program and first click the Help button to read if the program suits your requirement. It batch updates all views on all sheets, in all Draft files in a specified folder.


It is an old VB program.

If it doesn't work or suit your requirement, let me know and I will update it to a .Net version and to suit your requirement. Kindly do not send a PM.


Note: Kindly do not use any of those @rediffmail or @indiatimes emails mentioned on the site. I no longer use any.



Tushar Suradkar Latest site for Solid Edge tips, tricks, tutorials, coding, free downloads, etc. - For the SE coding eBook that is seen on the older geocities site.  - eMail


Re: Automatic drawing view update macro

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

In ST7, there is the "Component Tracker" command in ASM. Double click on your drawing view to go to the ASM. Go to Tools tab and Component Tracker -- this will update all your parts in ASMs in the correct order. Done.

Dan Staples
Director, Solid Edge Product Development

Re: Automatic drawing view update macro


Hi Tushar


Thank you very much for your answer!


I will try it out!


Thanks again.


Best regards



Re: Automatic drawing view update macro

edgepublisher also has a free version that i believe does the update part for free?


you may need to check with tem to see what is free and what is paid...


i was surprised to learn that the free version actually was pretty benifitial.


I know shrink wrap is paid.

and i think print to PDF paid...


but the update portian i thought was free???