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Automation of 2D Detail drawings creation from 2D assembly layout



Is any SolideEdge automation available for creation of 2D detail drawing from 2D layout drawings?

If not, is any possibility to invent Automation of detail drawing cration by following drafting method? (This may helps to increase more productivity with less error)

1. Preapre layout/Assembly drawing with complete and accurate layer.

2.Select required detail part by layer name.

3.Export to 2D template

3.Provide required type of dimensioning option (Smart dimensioning).

4.Provide datum surface to start dimensioning

5. Provide an extra option to add other symbols.

Example: Bearing Housing assembly

Select Part Layer name: Housing (include section views and end view)

Export to 2D template

Click Smart dimensions ( Select Inch or MM, Diameter, axial dimensions etc..)

Provide extra details

Provide Template details

Drawing Complete.