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We are starting to get into BOM big time here. The question i have is with .asm in BOM. Here's what i have. i have this big die with Stripper.asm in the assy about 6 times. Problem i'm have is with how BOM is displaying it. as you see below, it counts 6 instances of the asm. 1 of stripper and 4 of the spool. I need this BOM to count each stripper and each spool. so, 6 strippers &

 24 spools. is there way to do this?

QuantityFile Name
62306-2 DS D19 STRIPPER ASSY.asm
12306-2 DS D19 STRIPPER PLATE.par
42306-2 DS D20 750 SPOOL.par


Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

The Atomic Parts option is the only one that will grand total components, but it does not include the assemblies as they aren't really a component.

The BOM option is a level indented list which is what I am assuming you are using so the component counts are only totalled in the context of the sub-assy they are in since the sub-assy qty is already there to be used as a multiplier.


Production: ST10 MP7
Testing: SE 2019


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Gears Phenom

My day job involves writing cookbook style tutorials for beginners, not necessarily just for SE.

So my answer would be:

1. Select the drawing view.

2. Right-click on the drawing view and select Properties from the context menu that appears.

3. In the 'Parts List Properties' dialog that appears, take the List Control tab.

4. From the Global groupbox on the right side, select atomic List or Exploded list.


The tree view on the left shows a sort of preview.

I won't go into more details since Ken has already covered that even as I was typing this answer.


Wait for a while for my friend @Imifor he might post a glorious video on this.

[Even if he not answering this post, I just love his style of answering through videos - keep them streaming Imics Smiley Happy]





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PLM World Member Legend

Thanks guy's, it worked