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Bad 2D Drafting Download

If you downloaded the Solid Edge 2D Drafting software in the time frame of
Dec 4 - Dec 6, you may have gotten a bad executable. The download executable
was inadvertently replaced with a corrupted version.
When you try to install the softwate, all the text on the dialogs would be
corrupt. This problem has been resolved and the correct executable has now
been posted to the download site.
I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Please return to
the Free2D web site and register and redownload the software.
Ricky Black
Solid Edge Product Manager - Draft / Data Migration
UGS - Transforming the process of innovation


Re: Bad 2D Drafting Download


well, I've tried to no avail with a file downloaded 2 weeks ago, last week and today
to get this darn thing to work.. always the same message: ~I don't have a valid
-I tried installing from my account and as admin.
-I tried inserting the license file at installation (at the prompt)
-I tried changing the license file after install
-user & company filled in and left blank
-downloaded a NEW license
none of these work.
I even enlisted uGS tech support..
It still doesn't get past the '..not a valid license..' problem.
That being said, I did try installing the program on another computer and after
receiving a 'hand-crafted' license file (which didn't work on the other machine
I really would like the program on), only then was I able to install the program.
I CAN open the program and create new objects, but when trying to open existing
files, it hangs up and a ctrl-alt-del is required.

I heard rave reviews on Solid Edge, but I haven't really seen it yet.
I'm a big supporter of giving the 'underdog' a chance and was hoping that this would
be a viable obtion to replace the costlier program (AutoCad)(we would like to go
3D and I wanted a look at SE's product). I see that I'm not the only one experincing
problems based upon other posts here. I guess we'll just stick with AutoCAD even
if it costs more.