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Bad Looking Prints

Hi, Please have a look at the attached drawings.

I have played with every setting I can find.

The main problem I have is hidden detail lines (dash) lines look really bad when printed. Is there way I can scale them (so that the length of a line and dash is shorter)?

Do I have to create a new line type, then select all my dashed lines and change them to this new type?

A secondary issue, is I noticed Solid edge outputs circles and arcs as a series of small lines, why?
It looks pretty bad in certain views too, especially when a line attaches to a arc, it looks like it goes from a fat line to a thin line, even though they are both the same diameter.

I think my boss is disappointed with the prints I showed him.

Re: Bad Looking Prints

I need more information about the workflow.
Printing can be a bear if you are doing something unusual.
Are you scaling during printing?
The image you sent was two circled scaled up.
What is doing the scaling?
Rick B.

Re: Bad Looking Prints

I am printing 1:1, and have verified it is indeed that.
There is nothing "wrong", I just would like to be able to scale the dashed lines so it looks better. Thank you for your help.
You are correct with the circle, it is zoomed in a lot. So it is actually OK when printed to hard copy, but when printed to PDF it doesnt look as good. But I can live with that, is more the not being able to scale dashed lines that makes my prints look weird.

Re: Bad Looking Prints

This is an unususal request.
The dash gaps provided are based on correct standards.
We have been using the same gap sequences for 10+ years with no request to
change them.
However, I will tell you how to do so.
The gap sequences cannot be scaled.
They must be redefined.
Click on the place line command.
Tlick on the Line Type button.
Click on More at the bottom of the list.
You will see the Custom Line Type dialog.
You cannot modify a default line type, but you can create your own.
Click on a Line ttype in the top list.
Click on Copy.
The definition is put into the the bottom list.
You can give it a unique name.
Modify the properties accordingly.
You can preview at the bottom.
Close when finished.
Use your custom line type when drawing.
Rick B.

Re: Bad Looking Prints

By the way.
You must create your line types in your template file if you want them for
new drawings.
Rick B.