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In my daily work, I use 50% Solid Edge ST9 and 50% CoCreate V16/V18, on an average evaluation.


After a long Solid Edge session, I feel a little pain at my right wirst and hand while it does not happen even after a wohle day on CoCreate.

Imho the reason is the very bad design of Solid Edge user interface: too much clicks to open every command, to much road to do to reach and click the proper command icon, contextual menu that is not "contextual enough" (this last one it the biggest plus of CoCreate vs SE UI, imho).


What is you opinion? This post is not just to complain, but to help Solid Edge developing team to improve efficiency and ergonomics of the current UI, both very low currently.

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Hi @Alessandro




this is nothing I can agree with.


I think that there are more than one methods to adapt the user interface exactly to Your specific workflow and functions You are using.


Have You considered the QuickAccessToolbar, the RadialButtonMenu and the possibility to use keyboard shortcuts?


Together with the IMHO not so bad interface, the standard RMB menu I feel pretty comfomrable with SOlid Edge, more than with other software products.


But to be honest I don't know CoCreate.



Re: Bad user interface

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Hi @Alessandro


Since you face a genuine problem of wrist pain, I will try to help you with getting out of the pain so you can enjoy working with an incredible software like Solid Edge.


Few questions first:

1. Since CoCreate is primarily a direct editing CAD, are you also using Solid Edge in Synchronous mode? In Sync most of the operations are related to the selection and can be performed using the Steering Wheel and the Design Intent panel. If you are using ordered mode, the workflow cannot be compared with CoCreate.


2. Next, I searched for images of CoCreate and found that the overall UI and the layout of various components are similar to that of Solid Edge or any MCAD software. So as @hawcad has mentioned you should invest some time to customize it. You can even match it with that of CoCreate so you can perform mouse movements in a similar pattern. Solid Edge UI is highly customizable, especially the radial menu can host 16 commands, per environment which are possibly 90% of the commands you ever use in that environment. Rest 10% can be done via keyboard shortcuts.


3. I will give full marks to the mini toolbar that appears at the cursor when performing editing operations in CoCreate. To mimic this in Solid Edge, move the Command Bar close to the center of the screen, so options can be accessed faster when required, compared to when the Command Bar is docked at the top or side bar.


Hope you get some relief after adopting these tips !


~Tushar Suradkar

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Re: Bad user interface

You are right but...


Yes, there are much to much obsolete clicks. I placed several in The call for pet peeves.


But, you can customize a lot. I can suggest you to use the radial menu and edit it to your needs.

Also you have to add commands to the QAT (next to the SE button).

An other one: when you are sketching and in other commands, you can use your right mouse button to accept or close. You don't have to 'travel' to the next or close screenbutton.

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Re: Bad user interface

Couldn't agree with you more. The endless mouse clicks is so frustrating. Lets not even mention the hole command....

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Hi @Alessandro


Have you considered using a 3D mouse from 3DConnexion?


These have a selection of extra buttons that can be programmed to use SE commands.

Simply choose which SE commands you want from a drop down list - simple eh?


Together with the above mentioned Quick Access Toolbar & Radial Menu, your mouse use can be reduced by approximately 30%.





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Re: Bad user interface

It would be helpful if you added some specfic workflows where you feel this applies.


which commands specfically?


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Re: Bad user interface

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You could also use ALT and then the next combination button that is needed for your command.


Learn to use MICE, and like when you draw a straight line press A and you draw a circle. Those small things that improve your life, but also buy a better mouse if you have problems with your wrist.


You can also go hardcore, but don't think a lot of people would want to go onto this road.

Betreff: Bad user interface

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Indeed, a 3D mouse is a huge help!

I use a space pilot pro. The screen doesn't add real value to me, but a Space Mouse Pro is worth the money.


edit: Take driver version 10.4.3 The newer versions are a PITA

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Re: Bad user interface

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Thank you to all for all contributions, and a few minutes to answer to your question:


1) I already know about the "A" command, I'm a Solid Edge user since V10 after all! :-)

2) I already have a 3d mouse

3) the possibility to create shortcuts for every command is appreciated, but how it make it possibile to rembember all shortcuts, when they start to be a certain quantity?


Here are some examples with my comments:


1) Add a thread dimension in draft

you will see that there is a lot of work to do to have the thread data shown in solid edge draft. We can't use callout because they are not contemplated by the european standard. I don't understand why Solid Edge did not implemented this capability yet!!!!


2) add a round to an edge

You can see that Solid Edge still wants you to open/modify the part before add/editing/remove a feature, not to mention the contexutal menu that does not understand that I want to add a round or chamfer when I select an edge.


3) Create a cross section view

Two clicks in CoCreate, a little bit more for Solid Edge for a frequently used command. Bad ahestetic of the sectioned view where it is quite impossibile to understand the borders beetwin different parts.


4) Take a measure

If you need basic infos on an edge, CoCreate gives you that infos just moving the cursor over the entity. In Solid Edge you need to go to the command icon, activate the part, take the measure, confirm. Even a more complex point-to-point measurement is easier in CoCreate due to the very bad funcioning of the quickpick in Solid Edge


this is just a bunch of examples, but my general opinion is that Solid Edge requires that the end user spends more time thinking to the cad rather than to the design, if compared to the other cad that I use.


P.S. Another big problem is that I jumped from V18 to ST9, and I cannot believe how bad is the new GUI if compared to the old one, both in terms of usability and reactivity.

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