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Balloon for frame Item Numbers?

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

In ST6 I found that I could not details sheet metal using item numbers to identify the part. I.E. there is not annotation for "Item number" so I set up annotation to call out the name of the parts. Eventauly adding more information I ended up with this to label views of sheet metal parts.


%{File Name (no extension)|GP}: %{Title|GP} %{Mass/@1|GP}
%{Gage|GP} x %{Flat_Pattern_Model_CutSizeX/CP/@3|G} x %{Flat_Pattern_Model_CutSizeY/CP/@3|G}


Now I would like to do the same thing for frame mebers, only each frame member can't be refered by either it's name or number. What am I missing. How do yall label details for frame parts. For starters, lets assume each part of the frame needs to be details and that assembly features and miter conditions were used for all the cuts.


Without the ability to name each frame portion, I thought item number could be the right way to detail each part.


To stay consitant with what I'm doing for sheet metal, I was hoping to find annotation for item numbers in ST7. No sutch luck.


Specific questions.

1. Is there annotation for a frame parts "Item number" I cant find it.

2. How is a name assigned to each frame part if it is not exported (Save selected)

3. If I take a frame part and create a new file of the part using save selected, How do I use that part in place of the origional in the frame assembly?


In general I'm trying to find a system (way of working) that allows the following:

1. An Identifier for each frame part that can be used for detailing.

2. The ability to maintain wireframe editing over frame parts including holes.

3. The ability to use the save selected export as a part within final assemblies while maintaining steps 1 and 2.


The best work around I have right now is to use balloons to identify each frame part, even in the details because there are no names assigned, and no annotation for item number.


----After workin on this more----


I found item number annotations, but have yet to find cut length that works in an annotation.