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Balloons and line-up

Is there a method to make it easier to line up the balloons so that the lines are horizontal or vertical.


See attached movie.


I'm getting handy.. but its annoying..


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Re: Balloons and line-up

If you don't use annotation alignment shape they will snap to horizontal/vertical easily.
Personally I find the alignment shapes a bit of a pain as balloons tend to move as you modify the shape.
I mostly place my balloons manually then use the line up text command.
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Re: Balloons and line-up

I just draw a line and then the ballons snap to the line. When done, I delete the line. 

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I can see, that the 0/45/90 helpers only are visible and to use if the balloon isn't locked to the alignement shape and You click the leader line point instead of the balloon center.


But what I have found is shown method:


Pull away the balloon from the alignment shape, move it using the leader line end point (helpers are shown) and move it then to horizontal AND alignment shape.





Surely this only is a minor work around to get what You want, and it should be improved by developement.

But on the other side, it works and it does what You need.



PS.: as I have learned and as it is described at the standards, leader lines for balloons must NOT be under 0, 45, or 90 degrees, do not mix them up with geometry lines, hatching lines etc.



Betreff: Balloons and line-up

Hi Wolfgang,

Thanks for that video.. a good workaround..



Re: Balloons and line-up

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I use the toggle grid command to assist in lining up ballons and text.


I previously drew a line as suggested above, but the toggle grid is much faster.


I added a command to the Quick Access toolbar and it will toggle grid on/off with one click.


It is also in the Sketching - Draw command group in draft enviroment.


Gary Dinges



Re: Balloons and line-up

Hi Gary,

the only issue here is, that using the grid will not guaranty that the balloons will stay aligned.

Here the alignment element for me seems to do a better job.