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Balloons in draft view

It seems there's a way to line them all up (vertically or horizontally), isn't there?

I haven't been using SE in the last 3 yrs, and its incredible how things just come back to you quickly (or not, like balloons)...especially the crashing, the cursing, and yet I came back...


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‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Balloons in draft view

The command you are looking for is 'Line Up Text' in the Demension group on the ribbon.

Ken Grundey
Production: ST9 MP6
Testing: ST10

Re: Balloons in draft view

Line Up Text command will align ballon horizontally or vertically.


I dont recall when this was added... I'm thinking ST4 or ST5 but may be wrong...


Inthe future it is always helpful to post which version you are runinng and the MP when you have issues or functionality Qs. 


I tested on ST5 MP5 and the Line Up Text does work on balloons

Matt Johnson
Application Engineer
Ally PLM Solutions

Re: Balloons in draft view

Yep, that's it. Thanks

Re: Balloons in draft view



I think you will really like the balloon tools that are coming in ST6.  There should be some videos available now or in the near future that show some really cool alignment methods that go way beyond linear alignment for balloons.  I was at SEU2013 and the new balloon tools drew a round of applause when they were demonstrated.