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Basic part number usage

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

I guess this is a survey question.


When putting part numbers into model files, I have been using:

"Document number" for part numbers

"Title" for part names


I'm considering changing my scheme to use PN and NAME by adding custom variables.

The reason for this is more freedom in getting information into the part name and number.

Using the prepackaged properties prevents any information from flowing into that slot.

Exposed variable can become a property


How are other handling the issue of storing the part name and number?



Re: Basic part number usage

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Hi there,


I do this pretty much as you have been doing it...."Title" & "Document Number", I also use the "Keyword" to label process groups such as, Laser Cut, Turret Punch, etc....


Part number [& title] generation is something that I have been working through with our ever expanding product range, for years.....and is a very contentious subject.

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Re: Basic part number usage


We use "Document Number" for the part number and "Title" for part names. We populate our drawing title block with these properties.


Further, our filenames are the same as the part number with the addition of the revision level. So if the part number is 1234567, the part filename is 1234567_00.par and the draft filename is 1234567_00.dft. Drafts always reside in the same folder as the model file.


Bob Henry
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Re: Basic part number usage

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

That's the way I've always done it and then use the property value in the Draft file.


it keeps things simple


* It would be nice if Title and Document number were on the same tab as it saves a mouse click Smiley Happy

Re: Basic part number usage

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Honored Contributor

I agree with you, it would be nice to have name and number on the same tab.


This is one of a few reasons I'm considering a change. The main one is that variable CAN'T be fed into the pre-established properties. So if they ever allow strings of variables (like Part name formula) to be used as a property in drafting and between files. Then I will be prepared to use it. If I stick to using the canned MS property, if they do ever allow strings, I will be be able to place that string into the files part number slot. Many call this concept "smart part numbers"


I have already officially submitted a request for this. If more people request it, then we may actually get smart part numbers. My guess is they will add variable strings and smart part numbers within a few years, but most will not be able to get that integrated into there system because there will be no way to flow that into the part number slot.


I'm about to start a re-tooling of my files. If I don't get the change in now, it will never happen.


Another aspect of part number flow that creates more file is made from part number vs. the finished parts number. Right now I make an additional file hold the part number. Say I make a model of a part. The drawing of that part contains the part number of the material the part is made from. That part is placed into an assembly that hold the part number of the finished part. then that assembly is place in another assembly to display the finished part's number.


By managing the part number that way, the BOM (parts list) only needs to display a single set of annotation for the part number. Without the extra files, the parts list annotation could get tricky. Rule number 1 for me with this software is only a single slot to display a part number within a parts list. That way, any part can be placed into an assembly is work with the parts list.


I have gone over this concept with GTAC. This is apparently the best method there is for working with part numbers.

Re: Basic part number usage

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Solution Partner Legend

What we do is to sync the properties between the 3D and the Draft.


If you have set the project number in the 3D model as a file property we want to have the same property in the draft file as well.

Not only on the sheet somewhere in the title box! The property value has to be in the Draft document because we are searching and sorting by the file properties.


Unfortunately there is no Solid Edge function for this we wrote a little program to do the Job. It works as an addin in the background of the drawing environment


You can customize it in a simple INI-File to define which property will be synced to the drawing in which name.


It is for free and can be downloaded here



Re: Basic part number usage

Good afternoon everyone,


The way Bob is doing it is precisely the same way it is done in Solid Edge for SharePoint (SESP). Please see the attached screenshot. SESP is very strict (which is a good thing) when it gets to filenames, document numbers and revision numbers.


It would be relatively easy to move to a managed environment in the future if you follow Bob's way.


Kind regards,




Kind regards,
Theodore Turner

Re: Basic part number usage

Honored Contributor
Honored Contributor

I agree. The intended use of:

Title=part name of model

Document Number=part number of model


The reason I bring  this up is the following:

1. Variables can't flow into any MS propery including Title and Document Number

2. I have hopes of being able to use variable strings as the part number

3. If they ever allow variable strings into a custom property that can be used in annotation or teable cells, I will want to use it. AKA smart part numbers.

3. Because of 1,2,3, I'm thinking I should move part names and number to custom fields to allow future use of smart part numbers.

Re: Basic part number usage

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom



I use "document number" in the project tab for the part number and use "title" in the summary tab for the part name.  I use "keyword" for manufacturer's part numbers in cases where I need to access them for reference or BOMs.  For draft files, I reference the title and part number to fill out the title block in the drawing sheet.  I don't put revisions on parts unless it is a major design change.  I use the revision block in the properties of the draft file to populate the rev block on my drawing sheet.



Kyle Joiner
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Re: Basic part number usage


We use Custom Properties.

Part Number and Description

We also have Part Spec. where we put manufacturer/supplier and their part number.


The only down side of this (from a usability point of vew) is that you can't display the Part Number custom property in Rev Manager, only document number. You also can't display a custom property in Windows Explorer.

In hindsight we should have used the standard properties Title and Document Number.


It would be nice to be able to configure the Open File dialogs and Revision Manager to show any property, then we could change our part numbers at the same time as the filename.

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