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Batch Save Simplified Assemblies


Hello , I am new to the forum and trust this is the place to post this sort of question.

I have assemblies that have simplified parts in them.
I want to batch save these assemblies to iges format but in their “simplified” format.
Is there someone that could direct me on how I do this.


Re: Batch Save Simplified Assemblies

Genius has software that may help you. You can get an evaluation license to trial
Brian Fritz
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Re: Batch Save Simplified Assemblies

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Wouldn't having the assembly open settings default as "subassemblies simplification: use all simplified" and "parts simplification: use all simplified" then using your batch save program (assuming you have one in mind) handle that?

Or is your question mainly about how to batch save?

Bruce Shand
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