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Hello all,

Problem : I have hundreds of file that I have to edit the same field in the ''Custom File Properties''.

One way to go is to open each file manually, go into ''File Properties'', go to ''Custom'' tab, click on the field that needs editing, edit it, save, close and repeat.

Is there a way to select all files (all parts) and change, all at once, a field in the custom ''File properties'' ?

Or any other application to batch (bulk) edit .par/.psm files ?

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Re: Batch (bulk) edit file properties

yes,  Property manager .


Does exactly that.


you can edit all props from an assembly structure

or for all files in a folder location.



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HI @Vendetti1000




as @MattJohnson_PG already said (YOu were faster) the Proeprty Manager exactly will do this for YOu and will help You.


You can use it from explorer too and You will not need to open a SE file before.


Make it proper for first (that menas, let it show all proeprties You want) and then You can use it.