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Beginner w/ Solid Edge: Need help rotating a part in an assembly




(I thought I posted this yesterday but I don't see it. I apologize if this is a repeat.)


I'm very new to Solid Edge and still figuring things out, but this one is giving me some trouble. I'm trying to align two objects, a mirror assembly (plate, holder, mirror) and a translation stage, so that the mirror assembly attaches 30 degress rotated from the stage normal. 


Here's the way I thought to do it: I made a hole in the side of my plate and used an Axial Align to the center hole in the stage. I then tried to use an Angle relationship to rotate the mirror assembly, but I keep getting an error that my measured from  feature (the center of the hole) was not perpendicular to the other two previously defined. This confused me because the hole axis is perpendicular to the side of the mirror assembly. Could anyone help with this? I've attached the file. Hopefully that makes things clearer. 


Re: Beginner w/ Solid Edge: Need help rotating a part in an assembly

Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor
Gears Esteemed Contributor

Hi there @Claxton7,


One missing part still....."TTN090163-E0W.par"


plate_mirror_stage [Img-00].PNG


However.....some strange relationships have it tied in knots.

I created a revised assembly, with the parts provided, and used "Drag Component" selected the flat plate, set the command to rotate, selected the hole for the axis, and typed in 30 degrees, pressed enter......done.


Beacuse you have the parts, you should be able to work with my revised version of your assembly to see what I did. [even if that isn't much Robot wink ]

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