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Bends without altering the flat

Attached is a simple sheet metal part. I want to bend the part without the bends altering the flat pattern. The flat pattern and the bend locations are exactly right. But the finished part is not because the bends edit the flat pattern.


Can I turn off the flat pattern edits durring bending?




Re: Bends without altering the flat

Hi there,


I think the "Close 2-Bend Corner" tool gives the result you're looking for.....


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Re: Bends without altering the flat

No. It does not. With much guessing and work, I can get close using the close corner bend commands, but that's not the question.


My goal is to bend the flat without altering the flat. Simple in theory. I can't determine how to compleatly shut off the bend relief.

Re: Bends without altering the flat

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If you already have a flat pattern produced with bend lines that controls your process, why are you remaking this?


If you have the right neutral factor, etc, then you should be able to redraw this to finish dimensions and come up with almost the exact same flat pattern result. If not, then you need to choose which will control your process. If you're folding the flat up in Solid Edge simply for mockup afterward, then you should not use the Solid Edge flat as the master definition.

-Dylan Gondyke

Re: Bends without altering the flat

Your right in that I have everything I need to manufacture. But that's not my only end product. I also have to create sales drawings. That includes 3 orthographic views and an iso. I need the modeled parts as well as the flat pattern and bending table. 


We use a punch machine and a folding machine to create sheet metal parts. I want to use that information to create a finished part that is directly based on the flat pattern.


I can use the close bend commands to get accomlished what I want, but it requires an iterative process (I have not figured out the solver yet) to find the settings within the close bend command to end up with the same flat pattern I started with.


This is the simplest version and demonstration of my problem. The reality is I have 100's of parts with this exact same problem.


If I could just turn off the alteration of the flat pattern (bend relief) durring the bending process, all would be good and simple.

Re: Bends without altering the flat

The way I would handle this is to keep my untouched flat pattern as one .psm file, name it PART001_FLAT or something similar, then insert part copy it into another .psm file that I would then name PART001 or PART001_FINISH. This would be the file I apply my bends on. This retains the untouched flat pattern as your master reference, puts both the flat and final configurations in Solid Edge, and has the benefit that any changes you make to the flat still get passed on to the folded part that is seen on the sales drawings.


This is how I handle some of the older legacy parts I bring in, to make sure I do not inadvertently change the flat that has worked for X number of years before I went and had to fiddle with it to make pretty pictures. Smiley Very Happy

-Dylan Gondyke

Re: Bends without altering the flat

I figured out the math to avoid the iterative process...for one case.

for a close 2 bend corner with overlap with the following settings


overlap=0 or 1




X=differance between bend line and desired square notch corner


Or in math speak, The notch depth is the fold line + setback. the setback setting is the hypotonuse of (the desired notch minus fold setback)


This only works if the bend lines are really bend lines, not the inside or outside of sheet metal.

If the bend lines are used for outside or inside of bend,,,,I have yet to figure out the math.




Re: Bends without altering the flat

Chally72, that is exactly what I'm trying to avoid. The ability to turn off bend relief would get it done. Apperantly this can't be turned off in ST6.

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Re: Bends without altering the flat



You need a special corner.

At the first bend you don't have to use Extend Profile option. After this you have to rotate "small surfaces" at corners. And the result will be what you want.


Will be a special deformation at cornes in the real life, but you know this! Smiley Wink


Here is video:




Re: Bends without altering the flat

Thank you Imics.


Kudos for this. Great work around.