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I'm about to install ST 7 on a new computer. The reason for the new computer is how many CPU sycles the sheet metal XLS file is costing.


What version of excel works most efficiently with ST7 on windows 7?

Should I run office 2010, most current, or 2007?


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With ST7, we recommend Microsoft Office Professional 2010 or 2013.


Solid Edge stops actively testing with Microsoft products shortly after Microsoft drops mainstream support for them. Microsoft dropped mainstream support for Office 2007 in October 2012.


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I found out more on this from my vender.


If on windows 7, 2010 is the best choice

If on windows 8, 2013 is the best choice

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Laura, as MSFT now sells Excel separately (version 2013), it will work fine with Solid Edge, as the whole Office package does?  Or it is mandatory to have MS Office (Professional, as you mentioned above) ?



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From my experience word is very helpful too. The text editor in SE kinda sucks so I write all my drawing notes in word and copy/paste them into the draft files. When you double click the text block it opens in word.


I use Office 2013 Professional on Windows 7.

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Yes, Excel 2013 is fine. This statement was intended to recommend version 2010 or 2013 of the office products (vs. older versions, such as 2007 where we can no longer get support from Microsoft).