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Best way to fillet edge of a panel


I am trying to create a fielded panel for a door with filleted edges on both the front and back. What would be the best method to use that would enable me to change the dimensions of the panel while maintaining the edge fillets. I have tried using a frame and also tried copying and pasting a face but both methods appear complicated and difficult to re dimension..


With what you had, you cold select all the faces on a sid...

Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

With what you had, you could select all the faces on a side and turn them into a rigid set which would mean that they would have to move together, or you could have specified locked dimensions to control their relationship to the edge of the part, or you could have added them in the Ordered mode, or ...


Basically there are several ways you could do this.


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Hi Daryl,   Try using an enclosed sketch profile and the...

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Esteemed Contributor

Hi Daryl,


Try using an enclosed sketch profile and the swept cutout command...worked pretty well on my hash up of what your looking for.

[BTW: done in ordered mode]

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