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Bezier vs spline curve, closing curve - help needed

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Hi All,
I've installed Solid Edge V20 2D at a high school and am using it to teach CAD
and have previously used early versions of TurboCAD to do the same.
When attempting to do something as simple as insert a bezier curve to plot a
circle onto the face of an oblique cube, I run into difficulty.
I was planning on using Solid Edge to teach perspective to students (including plotting
circles,) but need to sort out the curve-plotting capabilities of the
software first.
I went through the last 600 messages without success.
Just a few questions:
Can a bezier curve be plotted using Solid Edge?
Is it possible to produce a smooth curve by snapping to points using Solid Edge?
(I've attached the current curves that I can generate)
Can a curve be closed to ensure the endpoints remain contiguous/attached?
Thanks in advance,
Andrew F

Re: Bezier vs spline curve, closing curve - help needed

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There is not a table that will display the points of spline. In Solid Edge
there is an applications interface where you can create your own macros
where you could extract the spline points and put into a table. This
applications interface is disabled in Solid Edge 2D Drafting.
It is possible to place a spline through points. The Point command is under
the drop list of the line command. Turn on Maintain relationships and
Relationship Handles. Click on the points while placing the spline. The
spline will be connected to the points.
Currently there is not an option for s closed 2D curve. You can however
create multiple curves and use the tangent constraint to make the ends
tangent to eachother. This rewuires three curves to get a closed tangent
Rick B.