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Big companies using solidedge

My 45 days trial is almost finished. And in the next few days, I need to present to my boss the Solidedge proposal. One thing that he would like to know, is some known companies that use solidedge, and wich kind of products they develop.

He will be more convinced if there is big companies with complex products using it.

Can you help me?

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Hi @TiagoFigueiredo



just look onto the Solid Edge homepage at Siemens and search for successstories and case studies.





Re: Big companies using solidedge

The only big one I know is Daikin.

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Re: Big companies using solidedge

My company is using SE






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Betreff: Big companies using solidedge

What would be more relevant is similar companies to you, but I guess the boss wants to see a list of big multinational companies he's heard of! One of the larger resellers (or Siemens themselves) will be able to give you this kind of information as they'll use it when tenedering for business etc.

For what it's worth my company CDE Global designs multi-million dollar engineer-to-order turnkey processing plants in Solid Edge - we have 50+ 3D design seats and have offices and sell around the world.


Rotork are a famous valve actuator manufacturer and I'm 99% sure they design in Solid Edge.

Betreff: Big companies using solidedge

Just remembered this press release from a while ago where part of the Mars Curiosity rover was designed in SE which is an interesting snippet to catch the attention of a CEO! The link also lists a few other companies that might be useful.

Re: Big companies using solidedge

You really should get in touch with a Solid Edge reseller.  All the resellers are well versed in and can help you develop and present a justification for switching/purchasing Solid Edge, including providing some examples of other companies that use Solid Edge.


If you are not sure who your local reseller is, please DM me and I can help get you in touch with your local partner.

Re: Big companies using solidedge

I can tell you from personal work experiance...


Hill-ROM uses Solid Edge globally for the design of hospital Beds and Stretchers. around 100 seats with Teamcenter



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Re: Big companies using solidedge

Many thanks by your responses.

And any one using complex surfaces?

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Our company also use Solid Edge ago 2001 we made special machine for automotive and rubber and ect. company we only made one no more and need change fast if not work correctly and I think Solid Edge is the best choice.

My first meet with Solid Edge 2008 at Tobroco (netherlander company they made whell loaders. (they not made only one)


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