Black Screen when opening part

What cause a blank screen when opening the part? Part is fine and all. you close and reopen and the part is there


Re: Black Screen when opening part

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I have also noticed this....yet can not repeat it.

However, it seems in our case, to occur when saving an edited part, in context of an assembly, yet it is not consistent every time.


I actually attributed it to our network [we use a NAS] setup....but, maybe there's more to it.

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Re: Black Screen when opening part

It's happening mainly when we open from a assembly file. Thought somone else mention this awhile back. can't find the thread

Re: Black Screen when opening part

inconsistent problems like this are typically a result of "time out" issues. The programs only allows so much time for a given process. If the computers can't get things done in time, stuff gets messed up. The answer is to set up the computers fast enough. Network load vs. capacity is the typical cooperate.


Since I work alone, I keep everything on my local Raid-0 SSD array to avoid such problems.

Re: Black Screen when opening part

12GAGE has it. When we were having network issues I was getting bad drawings like that too. Once we got a new router the problem became much less common. Once we migrated all of our drawings and engineering stuff to a new server by ourselves the problem became a once a month issue at most.


We do still see it chain ask to save but can't save to the server every once in a while but I think it is network related.


We don't save anything locally on our workstations, it is against corporate policy...

Re: Black Screen when opening part

I have also experienced this. I have noticed that it goes to a white screen rather than my normal gradient background. Have just installed MP5, so will see if this corrects things.

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