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Block list



Created a schematic using blocks, then created a block list table and auto balloons, all OK until you add more blocks and need to add balloons to new blocks.


Get balloon numbers not existing in table


What's the right sequence to add new balloons?


Works if you delete the table and create a new one.


Re: Block list

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

All you need to do is to click on the block to get the Block-Modify ribbon bar. Simply click on the button that has the +- on it. This is Add or Remove Blocks. The table will update accordingly. To add new balloons that reference the block table, run the Balloon command. Press the buttons for 'Link to Parts List', 'Item Number', and 'Item Count' if needed. In this case 'Link to Parts List' means link to block table.



Rick B.

Re: Block list


Thanks for the reply
Using the drafting feature in the 3D program not the 2D drafting package.
Was in active sheet mode not user selection
If I click on a block I get the block edit definition dialog
If I click on the block table I get the add remove/auto balloon/properties edit definition dialog
Click add remove, existing blocks highlighted, select new blocks then click auto balloon then accept, works ok.
However if all occurrences of selected blocks is selected in place of one occurrence of each block in table properties it balloons everything again and again each time you add new blocks, doesn’t recognised already ballooned blocks.