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Blocks and grouping

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I created a number of objects and then used the Block/group command to group
the objects into a single unit. However, when I copy and/or move the group
the order of display changes and so some of my objects are hidden. Is there
a way to change the diaply order of the grouped objects?

Re: Blocks and grouping

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There are a couple of commands (Bring to Front and Send to Back) that will
change the display order.
These can be added to the Quich Assecc Toolbar.
Click on the 'Customize Quick Access Toolbar'.
Click on 'More Commands' in the command list.
In the dialog set the command group combo box to 'Modify'
Add 'Bring to Front' and 'Send to Back' to the list of commands in the Quick
Access Toolbar.
Rick B.