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BlueSurf issue

I have a part that is created by using the BlueSurf tool, the feature is then patterened with other features to create the part. This part has been saved under one name (A), then a cut feature has been used to resize the part and saved under a new name(B).


However when I use the second part (B) in an assembly, it is showing the original size of the initial BlueSurf like the cut feature hasn't effected it, it is the same size as part (A). If I edit part (B) in place or open it then the BlueSurf features has been cut like it should be, only when in the assembly it is not effected.


I hope the attached image helps explain my problem. The image ont he left hand side shows what it looks like when I edit in place, and how it should look. The image on the right is after I have exited edit in place and returned back to the assembly, the BlueSurf feature is shown and it's original uncut size. I have tried to hide the feature and supress it but it seems to ignore being hidden and supressing it loses the feature for the whole pattern.


Re: BlueSurf issue

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Try right clicking on the part in the assembly, and selecting the Show/Hide Components option. Then turn off display of surfaces.

Hope this helps.

Re: BlueSurf issue

This solved it perfectly! Thank you Jason!