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How does one edit or reconfigure the drawing border??

Re: Border

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Right mouse click on Sheet1 at the bottom of the application window. Then
click on Sheet Setup in the list. This is where you set up the properties
for the sheet. Click on the Background tab. Each working sheet (Sheet1) will
have a background sheet assigned to it.
The geometry for the sheet border is on a background sheet. You may create
as many background sheets as needed. To modify the geometry on a background
sheet or to create new background sheets, do the following.
Click on 'View' at the top of the application window. Then click on
'Background Sheet'. This will enable the background sheets for editing. At
the bottom you will see the existing background sheets in addition to
Sheet1. There is a separate default background sheet for each standard sheet
size. These sheets will contain the geometry for the backgrounds. Modify the
geometry as you would any other sheet. When you are finished modifying the
geometry, turn off the background sheets by clicking on 'View' and then
'Background Sheet' again. Then in the working sheet properties (Sheet1)
specify the background sheet that you modified.
Rick B.