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Build in data managmeent ST9


Quick 2 questions:

Jason once develop Powertoy to see properties inside windows explorer. Should we assume with this build in data management that we can now display such properties in Windows explorer?


How about custom properties searches?


Understand the use of windows indexing services, my question assuming we store data in a fileserver....Would it be possible to use SQL express as the database to store index data? have team member connect to this SQL express to retrieve the information.


The thinking behind this question refert to how the standard parts module works. All standard parts are save in a central location, SQL express is been used to store the index and each user can connect to this SQL express to query standard parts.







Re: Build in data managmeent ST9


Yeah, I'm pretty sure the custom property searches will work, but I don't think you can get SQL Express to handle the index. This is based on Windows Search/Index.

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Re: Build in data managmeent ST9

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You can set up the Windows indexing service on the server for centrally stored files and have the clients point their Windows search to the server's indexing service.